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I’m Sean Su. Born in Taiwan. Hardened in New York. An ardent futurist and explorer of the human frontier. —Get in touch

Involved in:

Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, webdev, Taiwan Report video editing and podcast editing, Radio Taiwan International Revamp halfway, Open Government Projects, Amnesty International Taiwan English Speaking Group, Github projects under anonymous names, trying to build a stronger next generation Taiwan behind the scenes, website webdev, random unqualified ICRT guest, Encrypted open communications platforms, Taiwan Sentinel webdev, Keep Taiwan Free, Some sort of occupation of a government building a few years ago, working with some people that occupied a square at their office in Guting, OpenDPP webdev, Thinking Taiwan English site webdev, anonymous author on all sorts of Taiwan subjects, US-Taiwan advocacy, Japan-US advocacy, and a whole whole lot more because everything floats down here Georgie.